A passive-aggressive replacement for saying “I don’t understand how what you are saying is relevant; can’t we ignore your input and do what I say is best?”

Mainstream media

Any source of news outside the normal viewing or hearing of the speaker. Used as a slur to imply that a news organization is prevented from exercising journalistic integrity, usually due to obligations to some wealthy financial backer. Most-often used by those who are bound to financial interests to deflect their own inherent conflict of interest.

People don’t like change

A mantra often repeated by people who refuse to acknowledge that people don’t like change. Frequently used in software development to justify changes that interrupt and frustrate people. Ironically those who tout this as a well-established fact have a hard time understanding the very principle itself and fail to learn from the claim they highlight.

Statistics Lie

A claim made by those who disagree with the conclusion drawn from some statistical inference. In truth statistics neither lie nor tell the truth. Statistics are raw data that exist independently from the studies that uncover them. It is the interpretation of statistics from which conclusions are drawn and it is the interpreters who attempt to tell the truth or lie.

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